5. Because You’re Already Using Every Other Google Product

So it’s not your day off and you wake up in the morning to find that you’re having a “Ferris Bueller” day. You grab your phone, and call your boss through your Google Voice number–because you really don’t want your boss to have your real and personal phone number–and you let him know that you’re not going to be showing up to work because you have a serious eye problem. You know, you can’t see yourself going into work!

After you’ve convinced him that you’re taking this personal day, you check your Gmail from your mobile app to see which annoying messages came through during the night (every Daily Deal site you have ever been to) only to find yourself craving a gigantic stack of pancakes. Because it’s morning and you can’t remember anything, you click on your Google Maps app to find a diner and hit the “get directions” button. Now that you’re out the door to eat breakfast, you think, “I’ve got to go to the grocery store.” So, you pull up Google Calender, open up your Tasks function and compile your grocery list.
Now that you’ve spent two hours using Google Products, why not share your experience on Google+–all the while having the ability to control who is seeing your post so your boss doesn’t know you you were faking. But, your cubie, Ronald, is giving you +1’s all morning long as he’s following the action from the cube farm because he is in your Friends circle.

4. The Notification Nightmare is OVER

Not to mention any names, but when you’re over at G+ you’re not going to be blasted by game requests, event invites, and every other app that was created in their mom’s basement. You only see what you want to see with Google+.

3. Collaborating Your Million Dollar Ideas in Your Undies

Whether you have tried to get together with your classmates or work colleagues to complete a project, you may have found yourself beyond frustrated by your inability to collaborate without being in the same room. With Google+ the hangout tool, you are given the resources you need to be able to work together as if you are in person. For example, your cubie, Ronald, is messaging you through the G+ app telling you that there is a major snag with a document that both of you worked on earlier in the week. You let him know that you can rectify this issue in a Google Hangout while you’re sipping your beer at the ball game.

2. If you are a business +1 is your new favorite number

From the G+ Local Pages for your business you will be able to accumulate +1’s from search results. This will show to anyone searching for keywords that you show up in the top several organic results. This will display to prospects not only how many +1’s your business has gained, but also what people they have in their G+ circles that have +1’d the business. It allows you to gain knowledge of what your trusted circles like and recommend for businesses they frequent. Because none of us will listen to an advertisement like we listen to a trusted friend.

1. Google hangouts, where you can be a pirate of the Caribbean or a “pirate” of Silicon Valley (If you don’t know what this means, you need to try a Google Hangout)

Suppose you and your friend have rival professional football teams and every year you do your best to “razz” each other about how each of your teams are better. However, your friend recently moved to Nowhereville, Nebraska and you two are unable to “razz” each other in person. Yet, with Google Hangouts you can still put your friend in his place when his team is down by 57 in the Third Quarter!
When you have to go back to work on Monday, you’ve decided that your experience putting your friend in his place with the Google Hangout is beneficial with your distant IT department too. Whether collaborating on documents, working on your YouTube Channel, or making edits to the recent sales projections, all of your edits can be done through the Google Hangout in “real time” where you can get everyone’s approval immediately.
I am sure you are already a Google+ member but if you aren’t …. you had better be after reading this or you are going to be one of those late adopters at the right side of the bell curve… and no one wants to be there! Connect with us at:
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