Here are 5 Best Practices for Email Marketing to stay relevant in 2016.

  1.       Personalization

If at all possible (assuming you collect this data), personalize your email in the subject line. I just looked through my promotions folder from today, and of the most recent 100 emails, only 3 had my name in the subject line. Realizing that most lists that my email might be on don’t have my name, this is understandable.  Shoot to be the 3% that are using this though. Make sure you have a name field on your email signup form.

  1.       Mobile Optimized

With 53% of emails being opened on a phone, it has never been more important to make sure that your email displays well on a phone.

  1.   Keep It Simple, Short & Sweet

Think about how long you look at an email after you first open it. Most people simply skim your content. If there is an overabundance of words or an overly complicated layout, your target will delete you before they even know what you are trying to tell them. Treat your marketing emails as attention getters for your consumers. Use short taglines, simple lists, and large calls-to-action.

  1.   Be Clever and Use GIF’s

Clever emails keep subscribers opening future emails. Not only do you want to be clever in your subject line (reel them in), but you also want your content to be clever (keep ‘em hooked). If your viewers remember your emails as interesting and witty, your company will be more memorable, and they will be more likely to open your next email!  GIF’s give your email another interactive piece.  Movement in an email is unexpected and the unexpected is more often than not remembered.  Here is a list of great GIF examples in email.

  1.  Segment Your Campaigns

Specificity is an important factor in getting results from your marketing.  Depending on the data you have on subscribers in your database, you can segment out the list and send different messages.  For example you could segment, gender, new subscribers, opened past emails, purchased product/service previously… and so on.  Then you can craft an email that is specific to the segmented audience ex. For new subscribers “New Subscriber Discount” or purchased previously “For our Valued Customer.”

If you have any other questions on how you can get more out of your email marketing, or what platform is right for your business, email me at  I’d be happy to point you in the right direction!