Internet Lead Follow Up

A few years ago when we started searching for our Dodge Grand Caravan we began our search online.  My wife and I found one that we liked in Avondale (the other side of the state almost) and submitted a form online for more information.  15 SECONDS after I pushed submit, my phone was ringing…. It was Avondale Dodge.  The salesman went through his list of questions to assess what I was looking for and to see where I was in the buying cycle.  After my questions were answered I told him I’d be in touch in the next day or so.

Over the next 2 days I had a follow up text and a call from him to see if he could answer any of my questions.  My wife and I already knew this was the type of vehicle we wanted, so I called back and started the negotiation process over the phone to make sure it was worth the drive across town.  A few days later, we were proud owners of the coolest vehicle around (that stow and go storage though).

I tell you my car buying story to highlight that the speed of the salesman’s contact with me, was a big factor in why we bought with him.  He had the product I needed, and he started in the relationship building process with me before anyone else did.  With internet leads, “speed to lead” and persistent follow up is crucial.  In fact, it may be the only time I tell someone to be more like a car salesman.  Your company has spent hard earned time and money to generate that lead, contact them as soon as possible to answer their questions before they move on to another company that will.  It’s like the old joke “When should you tell your customers you appreciate them? Before your competitors do.”

The Follow Up Process of a lead is as important as generating the lead itself.  Initial contact though a phone call, text, or email is just the first part of the process.  This week we will be going over 4 key elements of Internet Lead Follow Up that will help you close more business.

The First key element to Internet Lead Follow Up is:

The Ninja Ways of the Text Message

Have you ever dodged a call before and skipped the voicemail? Then shame on you.  I’m kidding, we all do it! In fact, one of my rules of productivity is to not answer calls from numbers I don’t know, to save unwanted solicitors from wasting my time.   However, when was the last time a text came in that you didn’t read? My answer would be never… even from phone numbers I don’t know, which is a follow up sneak ninja attack. Keep these 3 things in mind to maximize effectiveness of your text follow up:

  • Keep it short and to the point.  Think Twitter, not WordPress.
  • Ask questions, to elicit a response.  The goal is to create engagement.
  • Text during normal hours (8AM-7PM).  If you wouldn’t call during that time, don’t send a text.  The goal is to be helpful not annoying.

Stay tuned Thursday as we will be covering 3 more elements of Internet Lead Follow up on our weekly blog post. They are:

  1. Understanding your sales cycle and sending your prospect on the right path for cultivation.
  2. Following up without being a pest. (keep customer service in mind).
  3. Automating emails to help cultivate your leads.