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Email Marketing
Since the birth of the Internet to the masses, email has become the sensational form of communication that has rivaled telephone communication over the past 2o years.  From our personal lives among friends and family, to your work life, email has become an unavoidable medium to communicate with the world.  Businesses have picked up on this trend as a way to sell their goods and services, as well as promote events and send out specials.  Through the evolution of email in the past 20 years, consumers have spoken up loudly about how they want to be approached by businesses in their much guarded email space, and what they tend to avoid and mark as SPAM.

Studies have recently shown that email marketing, when done correctly, provides among the highest return on investment of all marketing efforts.  The average ROI is calculated to be $43 back for every $1 spent in email marketing according to recent studies by Constant Contact, an industry email marketing leader.   To fully capitalize on this form of marketing correctly and maximize the ROI, you will need to follow best practices and reach out to your customers the way they want to hear from you.  Aftershock Enterprises has a proven track record in helping clients put together successful, ongoing email campaigns that continue to show big rewards.  Call us today at 480-612-5607, if you are ready to start getting positive results in your email marketing!

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