Aftershock Online | Episode 8 | Tyler Stone: Capstone Financial

Tyler Stone: Capstone Financial Click here to download an audio-only version of this episode Welcome to Aftershock Online: Psychologies and Strategies to Win Business Online. A new, semi-monthly show that puts the focus on marketing experts who are winning in their fields. We’ll be finding out how they got where they are, what makes them[…]

ftershock Weekly | Episode 54 | What the FTA?

What the FTA? Well hello, and welcome to episode 54 of Aftershock Weekly. This week I want to talk to you about a display advertising tactic called geofencing, and then geofencing with FTA—or what we call “Foot Traffic Attribution.” It’s kind of the new, cool technology that a lot of people are using, whether you’re[…]

Aftershock Weekly | Episode 53 | Questionable Marketing

Questionable Marketing Well hello, and welcome to Episode 53 of Aftershock Weekly. This week I want to propose three questions to you that you want to be asking that’ll help you better define your digital marketing—or should I say overall marketing efforts. Question number one: what is currently working to bring in new customers? Maybe[…]