Aftershock Online | Episode 4 | Danny Brown: Myriad Real Estate

Danny Brown of Myriad Real Estate This week we’re talking to Danny Brown: the founder of Myriad Real Estate. He’s got an impressive track record in Real Estate that started with the market crash in 2007, closing a home on average every four days despite a severely depressed housing market. Danny’s business philosophy is disrupting[…]

Aftershock Weekly | Episode 67 | Email Marketing that WORKS

Email Marketing that WORKS Well hello, and welcome to Episode 67 of Aftershock Weekly. Here once again we’re at Star Worldwide filming Aftershock Online, our new bi-monthly podcast video that you can watch. We just had some great people in today: Skyler Irvine, Daniel Brown, so we’re going to be launching that. A lot of[…]

Aftershock Online | Episode 3 | Skyler Irvine: RenzlerMedia

Skyler Irvine of RenzlerMedia This week we’re talking to Skyler Irvine: the CEO of RenzlerMedia. He’s a serial entrepreneur and the author of “How To Leverage Your Real Estate Business with Facebook.” He’s been featured in Forbes, MarketWatch, The Street, and Inc. If you’ve wasted time trying to get ready to launch your business, you[…]