Blogging can be a key component in growing your business for many reasons. Every business owner wants to bring attention to their company. By blogging, you have one more way to bring traffic to your website. When you use a blog, it fuels SEO. This means that people will be easily exposed to your content, instantly bringing in clients. It is also helpful to blog because then you have more opportunities for shares. If someone sees a blog post that interests them and if they like what you have to say, they are more likely to check out more of your content. In fact, data has shown that 60% of businesses that blog acquire more customers. However, debatably the most important aspect of having a blog is that it opens a direct line of communication between the business owner and the customer. The customer now sees the company as something made by real people just like them. It makes things more personal and it is shown to help develop better customer relationships. It encourages a two-way conversation through comments and feedback. For example, Cosmopolitan posts daily blogs and videos. Thousands watch them and they have became more popular since. When people see their content, it is no longer seen as a stuck-up magazine but as a friend giving tips. The blogger can also share the mission of their business. They can share with others what their goal is in a way that they can’t through normal outreach techniques. Statistics show that 60% of people felt more positive about a company after reading their custom information. Blogging also gives you an edge over your competitors. By consistently blogging, you are required to stay on top of news, trends and competitors. It helps position your brand as an industry leader. People love leaders, not followers. It also gives you a new type of insight on your customers. Thanks to blog analytics, you can track readers, click-throughs, popular topics, shares and comments. You can even tell what day of the week your visitors prefer to stop by. This will help you maximize your impact and get to know your audience on a whole new level. Blogs are also very inexpensive. They can stay on your website forever without having to pay ridiculously high prices. All in all, blogs are an efficient and useful way to maximize visibility to new clientele.