Aftershock Weekly | Episode 64 | Double Your Effort

Double Your Effort Well hello, and welcome to Aftershock Weekly 64. You’ve probably noticed that today our surroundings are a little bit different. We’re at the Star Worldwide Network, where we’re launching Aftershock Online. This’ll be biweekly in addition to Aftershock Weekly that we have, we’ll be returning to the office next week for Aftershock[…]

Aftershock Weekly | Episode 60 | Vertical Focus: Dental Practice

Vertical Focus: Dental Practice Well hello, and welcome to Episode 60 of Aftershock Weekly. This week is specially geared towards Dentists. Chances are, if you’re watching this, you are in the Dental practice—whether you work at a Dental office or you are a dentist yourself, we’re targeting you—because we have some important information to help[…]