5 Keys to Strong Online Presence: Understanding Facebook Ads

Well hello and welcome to Aftershock Weekly. This week we’re going to continue on our series talking about the different components of a good digital marketing plan.

The second one is Facebook advertising, but before we get into it, last week we talked about Pay-per-click advertising. So remember, that’s an intentional form of marketing. Someone is doing a search on something specific and you are showing them an ad because of that intentional search. Facebook advertising is different. It’s interruption marketing. Meaning that, if you are on Facebook and you are looking to see what your friends or your family have been doing. Now there’s an advertisement that jumps into your feed and says: hey, look at me! Well, you want to make sure that there is a certain relevance.

So, with facebook advertising, meaning that it is an interruption; that just means they are looking at an audience and saying, this audience may be interested in what I’m doing. And there’s a lot of different ways to do that and we will get into some of the best practices with that in a moment.

The one thing that we make sure we use facebook advertising with the most though, is retargeting through a variety of different ways. Retargeting somebody who has been to a specific place on your website, meaning that you had a landing page, maybe it was even a google adwords. They searched for Bike Repair in Chandler, New Bikes Chandler. They land on a specific page on your website. They didn’t take action. They didn’t call. They didn’t submit a form. But you know that they’re interested. Now, what you can do, is you can show that person an ad on Facebook that hopefully will get them back. Maybe now it’s a 10% off with your bike repair, or get a free water bottle when you come and get repair for your bike service. Those are some ways now you can say this is a very specific audience, because they visited a page and now I want to make sure I’m back in front of them.

Another form of retargeting are people that have watched videos you have put out on Facebook. And you can say I want to target people that have watched my 1 minute video at least 50% of that. So they watched 30 seconds. Because I know now there is an intent. So I’m going to define that as an audience and I’m going to show them now an offer that would be interesting to them. So those are some ways that your not just spraying all over the place and saying, oh, well I think males between 25 and 40 in the Chandler area would be interested. Not to say that you won’t do that, because we will get into that in a second. But now, you are saying this is a very specific audience that’s already taking an action. So there is already an intent there that you are retargeting with Facebook.

Now the reason that Facebook is so big and so important to have as a part of your marketing is that almost everyone is on it at some capacity. And statistically, it’s like 7 times a day people are checking Facebook. So I want you to keep that in mind on why this platform is so important. You’ll hear about Instagram, well just remember. Facebook owns Instagram. And Instagram is more for images and people that are looking to take action on a product or for you to stay in front of through a branding play. So again, if they’ve gone to your bike shop and you just wanna make sure you are consistently in front of them with cool new bikes or maybe a video of bike repair and how fast you are and you’re keeping that in front of people. That’s a use of instagram. Because people will stay and watch those little shorts without ever even turning on the audio more likely than they will even on facebook. So its all a part of the same network.

Now let’s go into, we don’t have a retargeting ad going and we want to define an audience. Here’s some best practices to keep in mind. One, look at the analytics. Know who your customer is. So, first off, if you’re a small business and you’re B to C, you’re a bike repair shop. Know how far people are going to travel to come to your facility. Typically, in a place like that you’re probably looking at about 5 miles. There’s competitors that are going to be outside of that range, so 5 miles. Boom. Now, is it male or female? Probably both in that case. Well, what are some interests? Well probably biking, probably racing, recreation, there’s a lot of different interests now that you can use that Facebook has and you can target people that are into mountain biking, recreational biking. They will have all of these interests designed for you.

Now, you can split out the ads to a male and a female. Because if you show a male on a bike and you show a female on a bike to those specific audiences, chances are, you are going to resonate because they are going to identify with that person better. So now, you’ve identified that particular audience, you’re running a specific ad and then what we recommend as a best practice, is run the same audience, run three different ads and see which one resonates better. All you’re going to need to do is literally change the picture or video with each one of the three ads and see which one gets a better response over the first several days of the ad running. You will see a very clear picture, a better click through rate, you’ll see a better cost-per-lead if you’re running lead ads. Whatever that number is, pause the other two, let the one that’s outperforming run.

Now if you ever find that you a stagnating, you can run this exercise again. But this is an example of now you are defining an audience that didn’t already take a specific action and you are using Facebook for that particular reason.

So Facebook advertising is extremely important for a well rounded digital marketing campaign. So if you have any questions on that, my staff would be happy to help and give you a free consult as well. Thanks for tuning in this week to Aftershock Weekly. Next week we look forward to continuing this series when we talk about email marketing. Have a great week.