Real Estate Follow-Up Recipe

Well hello, and welcome to Episode 73 of Aftershock Weekly. This week is a special version, because it’s specifically for you in the real estate business. Whether you’re a Realtor Solopreneur, or you have a team—maybe you’re a broker—I’m going to talk to you about the elements of a successful digital marketing campaign, when it comes to advertising online, generating leads, and follow-up. I’m going to give you the best practices, the tools, that hopefully you already have in place, and if not we can help you get it done.

So first off, let’s talk about the website that you want to send people to. There’s a lot of options out there in Real Estate. They have Boomtown, they’ve got Commissions, Inc., you’ve got Kunversion, you’ve got Soup of the Day—but my favorite, my go to, is RealGeeks. You’ve probably heard of them, they’re a great company, and it allows you to customize a little more than some of those all-in-one platforms, and the cost seems to be quite a bit less expensive. But you still have a ton of customizations you can do of sending out to your customer reports—market reports in the area—you can send out, or, automatically goes out the updates daily of what they signed up for, of new property drops. It’s a fantastic platform, and it’s very conversion friendly.

So what we usually do to send traffic is we will do pay-per-click marketing as our staple and our go to. A lot of people will buy Zillow leads, funnel them directly into RealGeeks—you can do that, but I will tell you: Zillow leads are expensive. I’m sure you’ve seen it and you have the sticker shock of a lot of agents. Well, we go to AdWords and Bing, and we look for people that are searching for a home in a certain area—whether it’s in Pennsylvania, whether it’s in California, it doesn’t matter.

We specifically look for people searching for homes for sale in an area, we send them to a landing page that’s very specific to that search, and as soon as they click on a property, the form will come up. Now about ten percent of these on average, we say between eight and twelve percent, will turn into a lead.

Now that lead goes into your CRM and your follow up can start. We’ll get to that in a second. But what happens to the other ninety percent that don’t sign up? Well, a lot of people drop the ball right there and they don’t do anything. What you need to do is have a retargeting pixel on Facebook, or from Facebook, on the site so that other 90% we can now retarget if they’ve got a Facebook account—chances are they do—with something specific about homes for sale in that area. We’ve found that Open House lists and Recent Price Drop lists work really well.

So now you’re just asking them to say, hey, you’re looking for a home for sale in Salinas, California. Now they’re on Facebook: Recent Open House List for Salinas, California. They are not sure why they’re seeing this, but chances are they are going to be attracted to that ad. They click on it, it’s a lead form, Facebook captures Name, Phone Number, Email—BOOM! That’s sent directly into your CRM. Now, you can have some automation setup to where you can create an account directly to them, you can send an email out, all of those things are, or can be a little tricky, but we can help you do that as well.

So now that you’ve got these different ways of getting leads into your system, new potential buyers of real estate that you’re going to help go through that homebuying process, you have to follow up with them. This is where the ball gets dropped every time that I’ve seen for new agents. Now you might already have a system in place, there’s a lot of different follow-up systems that are automatic, there’s Riley, there’s Agentology, I could name a ton of them.

But the one that I hear and know, because we work with a lot of real estate agents, is AIVA. It’s tried and true. It’s 100% human-based text that goes out as soon as somebody comes into your website, they’re engaging. Their scripts are fantastic, they do a really good job of engaging with that customer, and then finding out where they’re at in the process. What I’ve noticed among them compared to their competition, is they dive deep. When somebody says, “Oh, I was just looking,” they say, “Great! Well, what exactly are you looking for? What are you looking for in a home? What timeframe?” And they dig in and usually they start with “Can I ask you a few more questions?”

By that one thing and engaging deeper, they do a great job of getting that person from, “Oh, okay, I’ll tell you when I’m interested and what I’m interested for, and then you can set them up on property updates. Things that you know they just told you they’re interested in. And whether it’s now, whether it’s twelve months from now, eighteen months, you can set up drips that don’t cost you anything else other than a little residual time of setting up initially. So, in addition to that, you want to make sure you’re calling these people. So you have AIVA that’s taking care of the follow up, but you can also call them on top in addition.

There’s other follow-up systems that you can have in addition to this as well, but make sure that you’re calling these people as well. So to give you some realistic expectation of all these people that are coming in to be leads for your website, three to seven percent is probably where you’re going to end up getting a pull-through rate when you have a good system like this in place. You can do your own math: if the cost per lead is between fifteen and twenty dollars is where we usually see in the different parts of the country, and you extrapolate that out times a hundred leads, get that cost, three percent, and then look at your commissions on what that would be on sales, three percent of that, I think you’ll see that it can be very profitable.

So if you have somebody that’s helping you out, fantastic. Hopefully some of these ideas you’re not doing right now you can put in place. But if you need someone to help execute this, and like we do for many other customers, please contact us. There’s a special offer if you call us TODAY at 480-612-5607. We hope to hear from you, and thanks for tuning in to this week of Aftershock Weekly.