Aftershock’s Follow-Up Breakdown

Well hello, and welcome to Episode 72 of Aftershock Weekly. This week I’m going to talk specifically to any business whether it’s Real Estate, Mortgage, Lead Generation for Health Clubs—anybody that is B to C that needs leads—I’m going to talk about follow up and some things we’ve found specifically that get the best results.

So the first thing I’m going to point out is that you need to immediately get in touch with these people. On the real estate side, and mortgage, one of the things that we have in place is that the second a lead comes in, a voicemail drops using a SlyBroadcast-like tool, will go out three to five minutes from the time they sign up. Then maybe fifteen minutes after that a text message will go out to engage them, let them know that they’ve received a voicemail. And then an email will go out after that point.

And then on day two, another follow up, usually it’s just one—a text message—and then the third day it’s usually going to be something in the morning, the afternoon, and then towards the evening. So it’s usually a call in the morning, a text in the afternoon, and then an email in the evening.

What we’ve found is there’s about a 50% connection rate to these leads that have come on or signed up at your website if you use that process just within the first three days.

On the health club side, or whether you’re generating leads for a yoga studio, it’s the same thing.

We can set up all these automations for you so you can connect with these people who are excited about your product. The biggest thing isn’t generating the leads—that’s important—but the most important part is getting in touch with them after they’ve become a lead.

So there’s several systems as well that you can pay for that will engage via text message right away. And you can set those up to where as soon as a lead comes in, a text message will go out to try to engage. There are some that are all bot, some that are half-human, a lot of different programs out there.

If you have specific questions, we can help you figure out what the best solution is for you. But most importantly, you have to immediately follow up with these people. So take that into consideration, you can use that roadmap of what I told you we’re doing with real estate and mortgage, and put that in place for you, and I’ll tell you—it’ll be a lot more successful that just trying to get ahold of these people on the phone. But that can be a piece of what you do to follow up as well.

So thanks for tuning in to this week of Aftershock Weekly, and we’ll see you next week!