Email Marketing that WORKS

Well hello, and welcome to Episode 67 of Aftershock Weekly. Here once again we’re at Star Worldwide filming Aftershock Online, our new bi-monthly podcast video that you can watch. We just had some great people in today: Skyler Irvine, Daniel Brown, so we’re going to be launching that. A lot of incredible information for you guys, one will be launching later this week. But today I’ve got some very important tips for you to get out of your email marketing. Now, yes, email is very important still. It’s not opened as much as text message, but here are three keys that are going to help you get more out of it.

First one, segment your data. Meaning that, if you want to create a list of people who’ve opened your emails, make sure you segment that. People that haven’t opened your emails over a months’ period of time, you want to segment that. The reason why is you’re going to get a higher open rate with people that have opened your emails in the past, so that you can basically send them a message that is specific to something that they’ve already read, rather than someone who hasn’t opened for a couple of weeks, and you can say, “Hey, are you still here? Do you still want to hear from me?” There are some different things you can do with that. You can also segment by area. So if they’re in Arizona and you’ve identified that information, create an Arizona list. Or a Colorado list. And that is great, because if you want to have a specific message to a different state, maybe it’s even narrowed down by city, you could segment that data.

Number two, test two subject lines. What I recommend is sending out 20% of your email with two different subject lines, and A/B testing to see which one has a higher open rate, then sending the rest of the 80% out with the one that did better and had a higher open rate. With subject lines, remember two things: you want to make sure that you either ask a question or a cliffhanger. Meaning, “Are you interested in doing X?” or “Can you believe this happened? Cliffhanger…” There’s a lot of ways you can engage people in a subject line.

The next way is by putting their information in there. Meaning, put their first name. “Hey, Josh, I noticed that this was made just for you.” Or “Hey, Josh, are you looking for a weekend staycation?” Whatever the case is. The point is, ask questions, use cliffhangers, and put their personal information—you’re going to have a higher open rate. Number three, utilize that merge data—their first name, their last name, if you have their email address, their regular address, their phone number. Whatever you have in there, any time it’s relevant, use that in the email itself. Because what it’s going to do is give you a more personalized message. If you’ve got Arizona, what city they live in, and you’re talking about that city, “Hey, I noticed these properties near you in Mesa” because that’s where they’re from, “were coming available, are you interested?” That’s going to elicit a much better response than, “Hey, these properties in Arizona around you” or “these properties” in general, not specific to Mesa. So you can use Merge Information, their first name, their last name, anything to personalize a message, you’re going to get a higher open rate, and a higher engagement rate.

So use those three things to get more out of your email marketing. Thanks for tuning in to this week of Aftershock Weekly, we look forward to seeing you next week.