Double Your Effort

Well hello, and welcome to Aftershock Weekly 64. You’ve probably noticed that today our surroundings are a little bit different. We’re at the Star Worldwide Network, where we’re launching Aftershock Online. This’ll be biweekly in addition to Aftershock Weekly that we have, we’ll be returning to the office next week for Aftershock Weekly episode 65.

Today I want to talk about something that is very important, and it’s very simple for you to apply today, and this is taking more action than you think you need. And I want to recommend you take twice the amount of action that you think you need in every area of your life, and here’s why: usually it takes more to get new business, it takes more to have a better marriage, it takes more to have better physical health than you start out thinking. But first you can set your goal, and then whatever you think it’s going to take to achieve that goal, double it.

So you want five new customers, great. You think it’s going to take you ten appointments, double it to twenty. Because what’s the worst that could happen, you’re going to get twenty new appointments, you’re going to work that much harder, and maybe you get seven new customers. But worst case scenario, if you get your five you meet your goal. You want to start working out one to two days a week, great. Why don’t you double that to three to four days a week. Or instead of being on the treadmill for ten minutes, be on there for twenty.

Because you’re going to get results a lot quicker, and then you’re going to be excited, and you’re going to start moving momentum in your direction. And that’s the most important thing you can do. You have to get momentum, and to get momentum it’s going to take twice the amount of action in whatever area that you’re trying to improve, that you can think of.

So I’m going to give you three big takeaways and talk about each one.

If you’re limited on time, wake up early. A great book is called The Miracle Morning. If you think you don’t have enough time it’s probably because you aren’t looking at the time between four to seven a.m. that you might not be awake during. Why not wake up at five o’clock, give yourself an extra hour if you’re waking up at six, or two hours if you’re waking up at seven. You can get so much more done. If you’ve got a family, well, you can get so much done before they even get up in the morning, so if you’re responsible for taking your kids to school, or it’s summertime, taking them to activities or whatever, do it before they wake up. I’m telling you, The Miracle Morning changed the way I look at things, because it gave me a couple extra hours before anybody else was up. It’s awesome, because that started to compound and get results a lot quicker in a lot of different areas.

Second, if you’re running out of time, or you don’t think you can accomplish something or double up your efforts, hire help for things you’re not great at. If there are things you’re spending your time on that are not within your wheelhouse, stop spending your time. You don’t think you can afford it, I’m telling you, you can afford it, and you can’t afford not to do it. If you’re not good at math, and you’re doing all your accounting, stop doing it. Hire an accountant. If you’re doing marketing but you can’t for the life of you define an audience and actually get that message out, hire someone like us. We’ll take care of it. And then you can sell, or you can do whatever you’re good at. Make sure that you’re hiring for help for things you’re not good at.

And third, I recommend making a How Can I list. If you have an excuse come up in your mind for any of these things you’re trying to double up effort on—I can’t do that, I can’t wake up early in the morning, I can’t make up that extra sale, I can’t make twenty appointments. Well, make up that How Can I list. How can I do that. Well, maybe I can hire for help. Maybe I can start adjusting my schedule to where I can spend more time prospecting for those additional appointments. Make a how can you list, and then you start moving away from the excuse to the solution.

So those are the three takeaways for this week of Aftershock Weekly. Thanks for tuning in, we look forward to seeing you next week.