Vertical Focus: Real Estate

[music intro, tap for audio] Well hello, and welcome to episode 59 of Aftershock Weekly. This week, we’re going to focus on the Real Estate Vertical. So if this is targeted to you—you’re seeing this because you’re a realtor. So, understanding online lead gen. Online lead gen is difficult, and the reason why is the follow-up process, which I’ll get into a little bit more in the next couple minutes. But when you get a referral from a friend or a family of someone who’s looking to buy a home, that’s a warm lead. That’s someone you don’t need a whole lot of introduction to, they don’t need to know much about you except that someone they know and trust knows and trusts you. But with online lead gen, somebody might have landed on your website, looked at a home, and you might have asked them for their information. They gave it to you, but that’s all that they know, and I promise they haven’t looked at your About page, they’re just looking at homes. So now you have to start establishing trust. And the way to do that is through nurturing that relationship through calls, texts, and emails so that they can now understand that you’re adding value to them, and that you are the right person to help them buy or sell their home. So how do you do that? Well, there’s a lot of automated systems out there that can make phone calls for you. But I recommend that if you can, is you should make that call—within the first five minutes of them coming in. If you can’t, then make sure that an ISA or another program is set up to make that call. You can also use systems like SlyBroadcast. You can have a message that’s put together by yourself, go directly to their inbox on their cellphone, if that’s the number that they registered with. If you don’t get hold of them via phone call, you should have a text go out right away, maybe a minute or so after you’ve tried to reach out to them but didn’t get hold of them. Because a text has a 90% open rate, you now have gotten in front of them. They’ve seen your message—and it can be as simple as hey, I saw you registered online and I want to make sure that we’re answering any kind of questions you might have. Let us know if you need anything. It can be very simple. Now, an email will already be going out with most systems you’re using out there—Commissions, Inc., RealGeeks, Kunversion—they’re already set up to automatically drip the homes somebody signs up for in an area. So that’s already in place, but you now want to follow up with them until you get hold of them and they’ve told you either A) I’m not interested right now, please don’t contact me anymore, or B) my timeframe is X, so here’s what I need from you, or C) I’m ready to buy now. You want to make sure that the follow-up happens in the first fifteen days at least seven times. I already mentioned a call in the first five minutes, I mentioned a text message. If you don’t get a hold of them that day, call them again the next day. And then over the next 15 days, make sure you’re calling or texting five times in addition to that. As we talked about a few weeks ago in our Lead Generation and Follow-Up, that 50% of all leads that come in never get called even once. And it usually takes 5-10 times of contact to move the needle to get in touch with somebody so that they can be nurtured and turn into a potential buyer for you. So just remember, with real estate lead generation online, it takes time. And you could be nurturing some of these people for up to 18 months before they actually make a purchase. But keep that in mind, because it doesn’t matter—that commission still spends the same whether it’s tomorrow or 18 months down the line. Number two, you want to create good allies. As a realtor, as you know, a lot of people depend upon you to help them generate business. You’ll have a lot of lenders that you’ll generate business with. You’ll have a lot of title companies you work with. You’ll have home warranties, you’ll even have pool people, carpet cleaning. There’s a lot of different businesses you can refer out to. Well if you build your network out, you can also build a strong marketing program that they can co-op with you on. So, if you’re not right now reaching out to them, since you’re helping them get business, why wouldn’t they want to help you get business if it’s going to be referred to them anyway? So you can put together co-op programs to where they can subsidize some of your advertising. We can help you put those programs together as well. So it’s something that you can make sure that you keep compliant, but it’s going to affect you by adding more marketing dollars, so more leads and eventually more sales. And it’s important to choose the right partners. You’ve got to choose people with integrity and accountability, people that you know are going to be in the industry for a while. The last thing you want to do is refer to somebody who is a lender and they leave in two months. Well, that’s not very good. It’s not going to help the people that you are referring over to them if they get dropped in the process and handed over to someone else. So you want someone that’s professional, someone that’s been in the industry no matter what it is—it could be the pool guy, it could be the lender, it could be the title guy—it doesn’t matter. You want to make sure they’re professional, and you also want to make sure, as I mentioned, that they’re supporting you in your goal as you grow. So lastly, I’m going to end with this. I’ve got an offer for you. We normally charge $300 for a one-hour session to sit there and look at your online marketing, to actually make ads for you, and let you manage them yourself. And it’s a new program that we have going on. Well I want to offer the first five people that are watching this that for FREE. We’ll sit down, we’ll look at what you’re currently doing, answer the questions you have, talk about how you can budget your ad spend and increase it over time, how to use Facebook and AdWords appropriately and even help you create your ads initially—and we’ll do that for free. So be one of the first people to comment below, and we’ll get in touch with you and schedule your appointment. So thanks for tuning in, I’ll see you next week. [outro music]