Questionable Marketing

Well hello, and welcome to Episode 53 of Aftershock Weekly. This week I want to propose three questions to you that you want to be asking that’ll help you better define your digital marketing—or should I say overall marketing efforts.

Question number one: what is currently working to bring in new customers? Maybe you own a fitness studio, maybe you own a cookie shop, maybe you own an online business. Well what’s bringing in customers? Maybe if you have a brick and mortar, you have people that are driving by. Okay, great! If it’s drive-bys, is it my A-frame that’s getting people in the door? Or are they searching before they come to see me? Or, you can look at, maybe it’s your online efforts, your pay-per-click marketing, you see that you’re getting ten phone calls a day every day from your pay-per-click marketing, and from that it’s turning into four or five customers.

So once you say what’s currently working, the next question is why is it working? What is it about that offer or advertisement that is getting people through the door? Let’s go back to pay-per-click. Maybe it’s your offer that’s really enticing and that’s why people are giving you a call. If you own a plumbing business, maybe it’s 24/7 that you’re advertising. Maybe it’s the free special that you’re offering, the consultation. Whatever your offer is, is that what’s driving them in, or is it the fact that you’re showing up above your competition? Start to dissect what it is about what you’re doing that is actually working.

And then third, how can you make it better? How can you test it? How can you test your offer if it’s something, again, in your pay-per-click marketing or if it’s something on a Facebook ad? Can you run an A-B Test to see which one is getting more traffic or getting more phone calls? Can you test the landing page—send them to two different landing pages from the same ad, see which landing is converting more people into customers? What can you do to test what is currently working so you can get better results from it?

And if you sit down and go through those three questions, you’re going to get creative and you’re going to come up with some ideas that are going to push you forward. So take the time to do that—I’m sure you’re going to come up with some solutions you’re not even thinking about. So with that, I’ll leave you with a quote.