Marketing Basics: Reach and Frequency

Well hello, and welcome to Aftershock Weekly, Episode 49. This week I want to talk to you about something in marketing that is very important, and a lot of times misunderstood. Two things: Reach, and Frequency.

Any time you’re doing advertising, when it comes to display advertising, and that could be display on mobile, it could be TV commercials, it could be a newspaper, you’ve got those two things you’re looking at: reach and frequency.

Now why this is important, is that the average person in America, statistically, they say is bombarded with 4,000 ads every day. Now you might not think that-or, you might think about that and say, “4,000 ads, that’s crazy!” Well, any time you’re on your phone, you’re seeing multiple ads any time you’re on Facebook. Any time you’re on Yahoo, or MSN, or Fox News, you’re seeing ads. Any time you wake up, turn on the TV for ESPN you’re seeing ads, any time you drive down the street, you’re seeing ads-billboards, you’re seeing signs, you’re seeing all these things that are bombarding you.

So with that said, it’s important that you get your message in front of people multiple times so that they can actually let it sink in and hopefully take an action on it.

So with reach, what that means is, that’s the number of people that you target. So let’s just say that you were able to reach a thousand unique individuals with an ad. What frequency is is how many times on average those individuals were shown that same ad.

So frequency would be anywhere from one to infinite, as far as how many times they’ve seen it. Now your average frequency that you want is between seven and ten times. You don’t want to go over ten, typically, because when you go over ten on frequency you usually are going to start getting ignored. But you don’t want to go any less than usually seven, because it takes seven times for a message to be in front of somebody for them to really want to take action.

So it’s important to have both. So keep in mind, the next time you run a Facebook ad, or the next time you run a TV commercial or a newspaper ad: What is my reach? How many people are in my audience? And just as importantly, and in my opinion a little more importantly, how many people times am I going to be able to reach them? A couple times a week? You can look at all these things in Google Analytics, you can see it in Facebook ads, if you are running TV commercials, they can give you average reach, or your average frequency, but those metrics are readily available, and you want to see that they’re pretty high.

Now with that, I’ve got to point out that reach is still pretty important, because frequency again, you’re going to cap out at ten. You don’t want to reach one person ten times, it would be better if you reach ten people five, or six, seven plus times. Right? So you need to make sure that you have an audience that’s wide enough to where you can actually get customers, and hopefully get people to take advantage of whatever you’re trying to get them to do-you know, sign up for a pass, buy something online, come into your store. But it’s important to think about both.

So thanks for tuning in for this week, and with that we’ll leave you with a quote!