Facebook Marketing Part 2: Ad Deployment

Well hello, and welcome to Episode 48 of Aftershock Weekly. This week we’re going to continue on our series on Facebook advertising, and we’re going to talk about best practices in targeting.

The first thing is choosing your audience. Now this is location, demographics, interests-so let’s just go through a scenario. Let’s say you own a local restaurant. Well, you know that your geographic location is very important in your targeting. Most people won’t travel more than five miles to go to a restaurant unless it’s high end and a unique experience. But if you own a sandwich shop, you’re usually five miles and in for getting people to come to your store. So making sure that you’re only showing ads in a five mile radius.

Next, you want to identify, well, who’s the normal user? Well, you can look at your typical customer and say that they’re usually both male and female, or it’s a little more male dominant, and you can target males. And then maybe you can target your ad, then, that is more targeted towards male, maybe colors, maybe the offer. You can make a separate ad for females, that again, different colors, different offer, or whatever that would pertain to them. And it might be the same. If it’s a sandwich shop, you probably don’t need to deviate too much.

Next, interest. Let’s say you do own a sandwich shop. Well, one of the things you can do is target people that have also liked Firehouse Subs, Subway, other sandwich shops-Jersey Mike’s. And you can actually say, people that have liked those I want to show ads to. Why? We know they eat sandwiches, we know they’re in the proximity of where they would come to your store, and we have a very specific message to get them to come in to try your sandwich shop.

Next, it’s important to A-B Test ads. You don’t know what’s going to work best until you run multiple ads. And usually you’re going to change an image, you’re going to change a headline, and you’re only going to change one thing at a time to test which one is resonating better with the audience. What you don’t want to do necessarily with the A-B Test is change your audience. Now, you can have two sets with different audiences, but in each set of audience you want to have two ads running to see which one is going to work best.

So another pro-tip, and I’ll leave you with this, are Facebook Lead Ads. If you’re a business that relies on leads-whether it be real estate, whether it be health clubs, whether it be attorneys-then Facebook Lead Ads is a new type of advertising that they’ve come up with over the last year that allows you to build a form on Facebook to where when someone says Get More Info on your ad itself, it pops up a form that you create on Facebook, and it automatically populates their information from their Facebook page. Well what’s great about this is you get 100% accurate information, because it’s pulling directly from their profile. This is always an issue with any sort of lead generation-the Mickey Mouses, the 555-5555, the wrong emails, the info@info.com. Well, this allows you to bypass that, to get good information and leads that you’re paying for. So I would strongly suggest checking out Facebook Lead Ads.

So to leave you with this, make sure you’re specifically targeting an audience, make sure you’re A-B Testing your ads, and check out Lead Ads if you’re not already doing that if you rely on leads. So thanks for tuning in, and with that we’ll leave you with a quote.