Content Agility: How to Make the Most of Video

Well hello, and welcome to Episode 46 of Aftershock Weekly. This week, we’re going to go back to SEO. Last week, we talked about directories and why it’s important that all of the information in all of the directories is exactly the same for SEO purposes. This week, we’re going to talk about video, and how you can make video agile so you can use it for SEO purposes.

Aftershock Weekly is a great example. Every week, we get together and we talk about one topic when it comes to digital marketing, and we also talk about different topics as well.

But then what we do is we take that video, and we transcribe it, we turn it into a blog post. We upload that video to YouTube, we upload that video to Facebook, we write a description in YouTube, and at the end of the description we link back to our website. On Facebook, after we upload it, we write a description, we link it back to our website and our blog post.

So, this is doing a lot of things to help with your SEO. One, they’re external links that are coming into your website from authoritative websites. YouTube and Facebook have a lot of authority. Their content has specific information that mirrors what your blog post was written about, so it has a huge SEO benefit because there are external links pointing to your website, helping build authority for different topics that you can talk about in your business.

Now, you can also utilize video for frequently asked questions. There’s probably a lot of questions that you’re asked as a business on a daily basis that you can turn into a video, add to your website, and be able to showcase a video that explains how to log in, maybe, to your website. How do I check my statistics or my reports? Can I change my username and password? You know, a lot of basic things. So what we do is we create videos, we upload them to our YouTube channel, and then we embed those into Frequently Asked Questions on our website so it’s easy to access and then we don’t have to continue to answer those questions.

But then we also write a description under those videos that point to internal links about the specific product or tactic that we’re talking about. So if it’s about a website, we might link to our website design page. So things like this we also repurpose and make agile so that there’s not only a benefit of helping someone understand how to do something, but there’s an SEO benefit internally.

So those are a couple of tips on how you can use video to not only create a message and share in that particular format, but also repurpose it and use it for SEO purposes. So I hope that helps. Thanks for tuning in to this week’s Aftershock Weekly, and we’ll leave you with a quote.