Off-Site SEO Tips for Staying On Top!

Well hello, and welcome to Aftershock Weekly, Episode 45. This week, I want to talk about SEO, and specifically off-site SEO and some different things you can do to make sure your off-site SEO is doing well.

So, let’s explain what off-site SEO is, first. That means that those are the things that are happening off your website, that are happening in directories or happening with backlinks to build up authority for your webpages so it shows up organically in Google ranking, or Bing, or any search rankings.

So, with offsite SEO, one of the most key components is how you show up in directories, making sure that your business information shows up the same in all of them. Little things, like your address. Making sure that your address looks exactly the same on Yelp as it does on Manta or City Search or Facebook, down to if you are in Arizona, it’s saying “Arizona” and not “AZ”, or if it says “AZ”, making sure everything says “AZ”, because that one little discrepancy can report back to the search engine that not all the information is the same.

Same thing with phone numbers. The way phone numbers are put in-make sure there are parentheses around the “480” or that they’re just dashes, and that they’re uniform among all of the different search directories.

Also, your name. Whatever your business name is, make sure it’s the same, so if you’re an LLC like us, you might want to put a comma, LLC. But if you do that, make sure on all the directories that it’s got the comma, LLC. So, those are three very important things to look at when you have your directory listings. Because that reports back to all the search engines and they’re able to say all of these sources say the same things about the website so it grows your authority.

So, there are some great tools, and one that we are launching that does this for you, so that you don’t have to go to all of these directories yourself. It actually gives you one dashboard to put in all the information from the directories to push it out to them simultaneously and to get them updated correctly. It will also pull in all the review sites, so Yelp, Facebook, Google reviews into one dashboard so that when you see a review, not only do you get notifications, but you can go and respond automatically in one place. It’s a great way to aggregate data for you, to make it simple to manage your social media-which again, your social media, your reviews, is part of the algorithm for off-site SEO. So our tool is going to help you not only with the directories but that as well.

So thanks for tuning in this week for Aftershock Weekly. And with that, we’ll leave you with a quote.