New Year? Too Late

Well hello, and welcome to Aftershock Weekly, Episode 42. This week we’re going to talk about 2018. It’s right around the corner, we’ve got about 20 days as this is being filmed. So, I want to talk about a few things you can do to make it the best year yet—for not only your career, but your personal life. So here are a couple things.

First off, set goals. It’s important to start setting goals now. Take a look at what you did this year, what you did, what you accomplished. Whether you’re proud of it, whether you’re not—doesn’t matter. Say here’s where I’m at, and here’s what I accomplished this year, here’s what I want to accomplish next year.Check out SMART Goals. We did an episode on SMART Goals where you can get some specifics. So it’s Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Sensitive. But check out that episode, it’ll help a lot with it. But it’s important to do it now so that you’re not doing it on January first, setting resolutions, because if you start now, it’ll be a lot easier for you to gain momentum going into 2018.

Next, have an accountability partner. You know, this was something that I discovered at an early age. I used to want to lose weight, or I would try to go to the gym a certain amount of times, or I would start eating healthy, or have a business goal. And what I found was when I could find someone that was a friend of mine, or a business colleague that had the same goal we would say hey, let’s make a bet. In fact, I have a good friend that we did a weight loss challenge a few years ago, just me and him. I said, over the next sixty days, let’s see who can lose the most weight. And we’ll just track it every day. And I won. So if you’re watching this, I won’t mention your name, but it helped me lose the weight. He also lost weight as well, and it was just a great way to keep accountable. But you can do it in business, too. If you’ve got a business mentor, you can say, “Here’s my goals for next year. I want to make X amount of dollars. I want X amount of customers.” And you say, “I’d love to keep accountable with you.” And by having someone to keep accountable to, you’ll find you’re more apt to continue pushing on.

Set consequences. So Tim Ferriss talks a lot about Fear Setting, right? So instead of just goal setting, he would set a consequence if he didn’t hit a goal. He would donate to a cause that he hates, and he would set it on automatic if he didn’t reach a certain goal. He would do something, he would eat a food that he didn’t like. He would set consequences in case he didn’t meet his goal so he knew that there was something bad that was going to happen if he did not achieve the goal. You don’t have to go that far, but I have found it to be helpful myself. You can set those types of negative consequences to help push you on.

Lastly, Start Now. Right? This is very important because like I said, we’ve got twenty days, by the time you’re watching this we’ve got about ten days left of the month, and you should just start today. Don’t wait ten days until January first. “I’m going to do this then!” No. Set your goals, say, “What can I do today to start taking action?” Because as you start taking action, you can then start building momentum. It takes twenty-one days, they say, to start a habit. Why wait ten days to start a habit that’s going to take twenty-one more days? Do something now. Maybe you want to start reading more—well start reading now. Maybe you want to start making money or calling on more clients—start picking up the phone now. Maybe you want to start losing weight—put down the fork now. If you start today, it’s going to make 2018 that much better.

So I hope you have a fantastic 2018. I’ll look forward to more episodes of Aftershock Weekly with you. And with that, we’ll leave you with a quote.