Holiday Marketing Mistakes

Well hello, and welcome to episode 41, and this week’s Aftershock Weekly. This week, we’re going to talk about the DON’Ts of what to do for your marketing for the holiday. Last week we talked about what to DO, so this week we’re going to talk about some DON’Ts.

Number 1: don’t deviate from your message or go off brand. When you say, hey, this is our campaign—maybe you’re doing a food drive and you’re going to run it consistently through the month of December—make sure that in all of your branding that you’re consistently promoting that. Stay consistent with your campaign, and you stay on-brand with your business.

Number 2: don’t ignore other holidays to focus on Christmas, unless of course you’re a church or a Christian bookstore. Remember, there’s a lot of holidays going on, so you want to make sure that you’re speaking to everyone out there that can be a potential customer to you.

Number 3: don’t overdo it with hourly notifications and emails and text messages to your customer. Make sure that you sprinkle it in through the month so that they know and are aware of what you’re doing, but you’re not bombarding them to where they don’t want to hear from you the rest of the year. It happens, but you have to earn that right. Amazon does a pretty good job of it. Yes, they send a ton of emails, so does Groupon, however they consistently provide value—they’re able to do that. But make sure with your brand that you’re not overwhelming people so they stick around for next year.

And then finally, don’t wait to start marketing for the holidays. Now if you missed it this year, if you’re watching this video, chances are you’ve already got your plans. If you’re not doing anything, just make sure you don’t miss out on it next year. Usually the best time to start planning for your holiday marketing is September and October. That puts you into the fourth quarter, and October has Halloween which kind of kicks it off, then into Thanksgiving, and then on into Christmas, Hanukkah, the whole season. So, September and October is a great time to say, okay, here’s my budget. Here’s what my campaigns are going to be, here’s what we’re going to offer, and then you can start putting it out there. So it’s important not to wait too long. September and October’s a great time to start to make sure that you have everything prepped for the holiday season in your marketing.

So thank you for tuning in. I hope these DON’Ts help you in your marketing for this year AND next year. With that, we’ll leave you with a quote.