Marketing for the Holidays

Hello and welcome to Episode 40—this week’s Aftershock Weekly. You might be wondering why am I wearing this ridiculous elf costume? Well, it’s because of what we’re going to talk about is marketing for the holidays. Happy Holidays to you and your family! You know it’s just that time where for your business you want to make sure you get the most out of it. Because it’s the buying season, it’s a cheerful season, so I’m gonna give you some pointers.

But first, let’s talk about a couple of memorable campaigns. What we’re doing right now is Elf Yourself. I’m sure you remember years ago OfficeMax did it, and it was hilarious, you can upload your picture and look just like this. All right, so enough of that. There’s also the Thanksgiving Parade, there are Coca-Cola polar bears that was a great campaign. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was created by Montgomery Ward. Can you imagine? Think back to that—a company actually created something that is iconic today in Christmas after the company’s no longer around. But it put itself in the lives of our kids, us as a kid, you know our hearts forever. It’s pretty neat.

One of my recent favorite ones is a Scotch that I don’t even know how to pronounce correctly: Lagavulins, I believe, but Nick Offerman sits there right next to a fire, and he drinks Scotch slowly. For 45 minutes, doesn’t say a word. Obviously, that went viral every time it’s like what is Nick Offerman doing? He’s the the star of Parks and Recreation, he’s also a woodworker, which I love a good woodworker, and it was perfect because he matched exactly the persona of the actual Scotch drinker, right? So Nick Offerman was selling, and one of the tweets was kind of funny. It said, “It was like watching my grandfather my entire life.” So again, it was topical and it was it was consistent, right? Let’s go over some to-dos on how to have an effective holiday campaign. Number one, you want it to be personal. You want to try to be personal as the company, and you want to be personal with your customer.

Number two, you want it to be emotional. Usually funny, sometimes memorable, you can pull on the heartstrings, but emotion helps attract you to a brand. In the holiday season people are all about family, they’re all about sharing time together, so you can pull on those types of things in your advertising.

Another good example personal is Elf Yourself, right? Nobody wants to throw away a picture of themselves, and everybody wants to share it so that’s the next thing: shareable.

Next you want to make it timely. Think about Black Friday, think about Amazon countdowns, think about all this you only have so much time! Do it by December 8th! Today only! Well, in the holiday season it’s all about being timely. And lastly, make it exclusive. It’s great to have the best price, but scarcity is a huge thing, right? So if you know that you’re getting something exclusive that not everybody else can get, that there’s a limit of it is gonna help you with your marketing for the holiday season.

Other options you can do coupons, like normal, but with your coupons you can put a holiday flair on it.

You can partner with a charity. You see the Salvation Army out a lot, you see you know a lot of charities, churches, they all need money, so maybe you can partner with them. Do a food drive, and you can put that in your marketing. One thing that you want to do is be very consistent with everything that you’re doing. You wanna share on Facebook, you want to share it on your display advertising, on your website. Anywhere that you have a message going out about your holiday marketing, you want to be very consistent with what you’re promoting. So if you are running a campaign that is doing a food drive, make sure that’s on your flyers and it’s on your website, so that people know what you’re doing and they can participate and be a part of it.

Get seasonal with keywords. A lot of people will look for discounts: holiday discounts, Christmas discounts, Hanukkah discounts. You can use those in your keywords for search.

You can get very descriptive in your content, making it about the holiday season. Maybe if you’re running a Facebook ad you could put Santa in there. We have some right now for a gym, it’s a Santa in the gym lifting weights, because it catches attention. It’s seasonal and on topic.

Make sure you add deadlines. Right? So, offer expires the end of December. Offer expires today. When you put deadlines in there, again it says, okay this is a definitive date when you can place this order. Whether it’s memberships, whether it’s toys, doesn’t really matter what you’re selling, candles, you have a definitive date when this particular offer is done.

Here’s a pro-tip: turn your remarketing up to an 11, meaning anybody that goes to your website you want to continue to follow them around with display advertising, because they’ve shown intent. They’ve gone to your website, so let’s make sure that we’re showing them display advertising on their phone, on their desktop, they’re seeing you consistently because they’ve already said, “Hey, I’m interested in your product.” They were at your website, so make sure your remarketing is on and turned up.

Same thing with email marketing—good time to stay in front of them if you have them on your email list, make sure that they’re getting emails about your holiday promotions consistently so that they can take advantage of your services.

Don’t be afraid to make Dad Jokes. We know, they’re corny, but they’re usually pretty funny—and the thing is, everyone connects with them whether you’re young or old. You’re not embarrassed to have somebody hear it, and it’s a good way to connect through here.

Give personalized customer gifts. You can send out pens to your customers, you can maybe send them a Christmas card or something that’s personalized to them to say, “Hey, we’re thinking about you.” This is a great time for gifts, it’s the season for it, so if you can do that and make sure it’s customized.

Make sure that your website’s up to snuff, that’s very important. You can check out one of our previous episodes. Make sure if it’s too late in the season for this year that for next year everything is set and ready for your campaigns.

So thanks for tuning in for this week’s episode on marketing for the holidays. We hope you got something out of this and Happy Holidays to you and your family. And with that, we’ll leave you with a quote.