SEO to Grow, Part III

Well hello, and welcome to Episode number 36 of Aftershock Weekly. This week we’re going to continue on our SEO to Grow and talk about more reasons why SEO is still very important.

Now we’re going to talk a little bit about Local. Fifty percent of consumers who perform a local phone search visit a store within one day. That means if you are searching on a phone, you’re looking for a restaurant, or you’re looking for somewhere to go with your family to have fun, that you’re going to take action, usually. Or if you’re looking for a store, you’re looking to take action because you’re on your phone and that’s the mindset behind your search.

For local listings, 68% of searchers click “Call” or “Get Directions.” If you were to search “haircut place near me”, you’re going to see the map section on your phone show up, and it’s going to have “Get Directions” and it’s going to have a “Call.” That is, 68% of all the clicks are clicking on that rather than going to their website, so that’s another reason why SEO is important, it’s also important to have a Google Local page.

Thirty percent of Google Mobile searches are related to location. Well this makes sense, because when you’re on the go and you’re trying to find something, you’re looking for something near you. So a lot of searches will the city in it, a “near me” and it’ll allow geolocation to take over and it’ll show you what’s relevant in your area.

More than half of Google’s 100 BILLION web searches per month come from mobile. It’s a staggering statistic when you think about it, because mobile’s only been around for about twenty years, and really, with solid internet connection, a little over ten. So the fact that that one screen and device has grown so rapidly is important for your business, to make sure you’re showing up organically and you’re optimizing your site—not only for mobile, but also to make sure that you’re showing and serving up results that are pertinent to their online search.

Companies with a blog receive 97% more links to their site. Well this is simple: a blog means that you’re putting out relevant, new content. And the more relevant new content that you have the more opportunities you have to link to that blog—also, within your blog, to be able to link internally to static pages in your website. So another strategy is updating and republishing old blog posts. This is important because you can actually take old things that you had written a long time ago, republish them, and repurpose them for SEO. You can link back to different places on your site that might not have existed, you can link to other blog posts that you’ve done since then that are relevant. So that’s a strategy that you can put in place for your SEO.

So to reiterate, again, adding a blog increases your chance of ranking on a search engine by over 400%.

So this week, the two big takeaways are: make sure you’re optimizing for local, because many searches are for local, and also make sure that you have a blog, you’re blogging regularly, and utilizing that content. So thanks for tuning in, and with that we’ll leave you with a quote.