Eddie Hantas: Hummus Xpress

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Welcome to Aftershock Online: Psychologies and Strategies to Win Business Online. A new, semi-monthly show that puts the focus on marketing experts who are winning in their fields. We’ll be finding out how they got where they are, what makes them successful there, and how we can benefit from their successes. Tune in every couple weeks for 3 easy takeaways!

This week we’re talking to Eddie Hantas, founder of Hummus Xpress. Eddie transitioned from pro basketball to the restaurant industry, opening his fast-casual Mediterranean Soul Food eatery in 2012. With successful growth ever since, Hummus Xpress now boasts a brick and mortar location and two food trucks—available to cater your wedding or event. This week he talks to us about the value of persistence, the cost of disloyalty, and the benefit of reaching for your ideals.

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Eddie’s 3 Takeaways:

  1. Be ready to do whatever it takes
  2. Always pay competitively
  3. Start big with your dream

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