Stephen Polando of State Forty Eight

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This week we’re talking to Stephen Polando: one of the co-founders of State Forty Eight. Along with his brother Nicholas and lifelong friend Michael Spangenberg, Stephen grew up in Chandler (even going to high school with our own Josh Norris). While working in the hospitality industry, Stephen found inspiration in a company creating local products in Detroit, and thought it would be cool to celebrate Arizona in a similar way. With the outstanding customer service skills of that hospitality background, a shared passion for Arizona at the community level, and the good advice of a hotel customer, Nicholas and his partners launched their company with just a hundred shirts back in 2013. Today, they foster community and celebrate Arizona through collaborations with local organizations, major sports franchises, and hometown celebs. Tune in to hear some pretty inspiring words!

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Stephen’s 3 Takeaways

  1. Find opportunities to make things right
  2. Don’t sink, swim
  3. Embrace your identity authentically

Additional Inspiration Mentioned in this Episode

  • Chris Martin of Coldplay
  • Mark Cuban of Shark Tank
  • Gary Vee