Rachel Lutowsky of Dynamic Leadership Solutions

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This week we’re talking to Rachel Lutowsky, the founder of Dynamic Leadership Solutions, LLC. Rachel provides performance-improvement services that help executives bring business needs in line with employee management through training programs, assessments, and strategic planning. Her expertise in development and growth and her impressive network of expert consultants benefit all levels of an organization, allowing Dynamic Leadership Solutions, Inc. to meet every human capital and HR need. Her client roster includes: Myriad Real Estate Group, IBM, Arizona College Scholarship Foundation, The Lavidge Company, Lifetime Fitness, the City of Surprise, and many more.

Rachel got her start with a degree in Organizational Management, and was herself mentored early on from her first organizational position at an IT company outside Chicago. It was here that Rachel began to refine her ability to develop leaders and fine tune those abilities to bring her to where she is today. Dynamic Leadership Solutions, LLC has been in operation since 2004, and while she has worked with large businesses, her passion is really in helping small to midsize companies.

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Rachel’s 3 Takeaways

  1. Know Yourself: know your strengths and challenges and get the opinions of others
  2. Know Your Business: what is the vision for your business
  3. Get Out of Your Own Way: if you don’t have the skillset you need for that vision, ask for help

Rachel’s Book Recommendations