Adam Henry of Discovery Treks and DukOUT

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This week we’re talking to Adam Henry: the owner of Discovery Treks and DukOUT Adventure Brokers. Adam is an Arizona native and ASU grad with a strong background in software and web development, and a business degree that focused on entrepreneurship. Adam loves bringing a personal element to his business, and his love of backpacking and hiking helped launch the success of his two companies.

DukOUT Adventure Brokers focuses on creating a five star, concierge outdoor experience for folks looking to have an authentic all-inclusive, single-day Arizona experience. These high-end tours are great for folks visiting from out of town who are seeking an effortless, unforgettable day. Adam and his business partner Chris acquired Discovery Treks in 2018, and are focusing this brand on their high-intensity, multi-day backpacking tours through the Grand Canyon and other incredible destinations.

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Guest’s 3 Takeaways

  1. Keep records of changes to your marketing strategy
  2. Let go of unnecessary stress
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask others for help