Aftershock Online | Episode 12 | MJ Cordova: Map to Sales

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Welcome to Aftershock Online: Psychologies and Strategies to Win Business Online. A new, semi-monthly show that puts the focus on marketing experts who are winning in their fields. We’ll be finding out how they got where they are, what makes them successful there, and how we can benefit from their successes. Tune in every couple weeks for 3 easy takeaways!

This week we’re talking to MJ Cordova: Founder of Map to Sales. MJ is a nationally recognized sales expert that has worked with everyone from small companies to Fortune 500 entities. MJ began his career working in a call center for Sears, transitioned his skillset to one of leading sales teams, and cracking the code of how people make purchasing decisions. Today, MJ offers sales training and consulting, helping people improve their lives and businesses through a clear understanding of sales and scalable processes.

If your business could benefit from MJ’s expertise, give him a call: (480) 436-1820

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MJ’s 3 Takeaways:

  1. Understand how people buy
  2. Focus on efficient processes
  3. Inspire and develop

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