5 Steps to Momentum

Step 1: Reflection
In a one year period of time, there is so much that happens in a business.  So much so, that it is highly necessary to plan time to analyze your marketing and advertising from the year. There are good campaigns and bad, but there are ALWAYS learning points. Here is a simple way to do it:

  1. Separate all of your previous years campaigns from the beginning of the year until now.
  2. Organize each campaign into the mediums that were used to complete the campaign. For Example: Spring Sale- Google Adwords, Email Marketing, Print Advertising, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare)
  3. With whatever measurement tools you have available see what type of new traffic came in from the campaign with each medium, and measure conversions. TIP: Always use different Coupon Redemption Codes, Keywords, and QR codes to help source your new business.
  4.  Compare to previous campaigns from other years and see if results were better or worse. Look for offers, headlines, pictures, that received higher coupon redemption or click throughs to your website.

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Step 2: Brainstorming
For the Brainstorming step, remember that two heads are better than one and three are better than two. The more minds that come up with ideas, the better. Most of the ideas won’t be used, but when you have multiple minds that are thinking about something at the same time, this is where great ideas are born.
Once you have looked at all of your Marketing and Advertising campaigns from the year, write out all of the distinctions that have been made on what worked and what did not.
Of what worked, brainstorm with your creative staff on how to run those campaigns again next year in a new and fresh way. If you know what has been effective before, the best way to start your planning for next year is looking at ways to repackage it, make adjustments(for the better), and schedule it. For more information on Planning continue on!

Step 3: Planning
This step is the easiest, but important nonetheless. Get a calendar out for 2012, and start writing in the campaigns you would like to run with the mediums you will be using to get the word out. The more detailed you can get, the better it will help you with the next step of Casting a Vision. Although you may not have a budget set for the entire year of Marketing and Advertising, do your best to set your budget for the first quarter of 2012 at least. This will give you a great plan to begin the next step.

Tip 4: Casting a Vision
As we all know in business, getting Buy In from employees is a crucial part of being successful. If you have never heard of Buy In, I recommend purchasing The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell.
Casting a Vision is crucial for giving your staff something to look forward to. For example if you talk about how your business is going to see growth in the next year, and show them the strategy of how is going to happen you can now get staff Buy In. The more you talk about where you as a company are going, and how each person plays a part, the more likely people will take ownership of their part.
Casting a Vision, in my opinion as a business owner, is the most important step in gaining and keeping momentum.

Tip 5: Take Action
Now that your Marketing and Advertising strategy is scheduled and you have Buy In, the last step is executing the strategy.

Momentum is one of the hardest things to create in business. Remember more fuel is burned getting an Airplane off the ground than is used in flight to get to the destination. Simply meaning once you have momentum it is much easier to sustain, so although it is December and you have been working hard all year, push through the end of the year hard and your business will be rewarded for it in the New Year!