Aftershock Weekly | Episode 35 | SEO to Grow, Part II

SEO to Grow, Part II Well hello, and welcome to Episode 35 of Aftershock Weekly. This week we’re going to talk about the all-important Search Engine Optimization. This is our Episode 2 of SEO to Grow. This time, we’re not going to talk about how SEO works, necessarily, but the importance of it and why[…]

Aftershock Weekly | Episode 34 | Acronym Acrobatics

Acronym Acrobatics Hello, and welcome to Episode number 34 of Aftershock Weekly. This week I thought I would take some time and make our industry a little simpler. I know a lot of digital marketing companies like ourselves, digital marketing reps, will go out there and dazzle them with all these TLAs—Three Letter Acronyms. Things[…]

Aftershock Weekly | Episode 31 | Try, Fail, Adjust

Try, Fail, Adjust Hello, and welcome to Aftershock Weekly, episode number 31. This week we’re actually in our new conference room in our new space, so it’s pretty exciting, a lot of great things going on at Aftershock. And I got to thinking about last week, I told a story about Lead Box and how[…]