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Well hello, and welcome to Episode 8 of Aftershock Weekly. This week we’re going to switch it up a little bit. I just want to talk to you on an individual level. Whether you have your own business, you’re an Maybe you want more out of your job, more out of your career, more out of your business. I’m just going to talk about a few things that have helped me. I’m not saying that I’m anything special—I’m not. But I’ve learned some key principals that have helped me and helped our business at Aftershock grow, so that we can help more businesses.

The first thing I want to talk about is: take chances. In life, it’s important to be able to take a little risk sometimes. Let’s say you want to learn a new skill, but you’re not sure you’re going to be good at it. Or you want to get a promotion, but you’re not sure that you would be a good fit for the job. Well, sometimes you’ve got to take the leap and you just have to do it. You have to go get that job. You have to take the interview. You have to make the extra sales call to somebody that’s scary, that you’ve been wanting as a customer, but you just weren’t sure you could get them. One of our early big breaks, years ago, was a gentleman who I have high regard and high respect for. He owned a chain of urgent cares out here, and I ended up calling on them to get their business. It was really scary for me, because they had a pretty large company, and I didn’t have any clients at that point in time that were a similar size. I was able to go in and see what they were doing for advertising, and give them an analysis, and I was able to save them a bunch of money. We did a great job on their SEO and pay-per-click, and we were able to increase their digital business for half the cost of what they were spending. That was a big win for us, because it was the first big company that we were able to work with. From there, we’ve worked with a lot of them, and I was able to leverage that into relationships with other companies. You have to take a risk, and it has to be calculated. You have to at least know what you’re going to get from it, but it’s okay if you’re scared to do something. Sometimes you just have to do it.

The next thing I would say is: read. Reading is very important. In my life, growing up, my dad always told me I should read more. He was a big reader himself, and of course like most teenagers I didn’t listen. I read one book all through high school. It’s called One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and it’s hilarious. I really liked the movie, so I thought I’d like the book—I did. That was the one book I read my entire high school years. Well, what happened was that I got introduced to some people in business at nineteen years old that were influential, and started talking about reading. What was neat is that they introduced me to one of my first books that I ever read after that point, called The Magic of Thinking Big. And the cool thing was that a friend of mine—now, he’s become one of my best friends, but at the time I didn’t know him very well—when I told him that I didn’t want to read much, he said, “Hey. I just want you to read three chapters. Not the entire book, just two, twelve, and thirteen.” To me, that was palatable, because it was going to teach me some things to help my new business at the time. So, I did. I read those three chapters, and I thought, “Okay, this is pretty good.” And he gave me another book. That one was called The Choice, which is another fantastic book.

I started looking at leaders I respected, and business people I respected, and one common habit they had was that they were big readers. They were always trying to learn more. They were always trying to broaden their knowledge so they could make better decisions in the future and learn from people that have already been successful. I caught fire with reading, and I think I read somewhere around fifty or sixty books in the next year and a half. If reading is something if you’re not into, start with fiction. It doesn’t have to be success-based, but there may be a book that’s highly regarded or recommended in your industry or trade, and you can gain some more knowledge. I always heard that Leaders are Readers. So, take that for what it’s worth.

Next, find a mentor if you can. Find someone else that’s already been successful, been there done that, that is willing to give you some of their time. Sometimes you’re going to have to pay for that time, but having someone that has ‘been there, done that’ help you in life is only going to help you speed up your success. It’s going to speed up your failing forward. I’ve heard many times, “Fail forward.” How about succeeding forward? You can do that if you have a mentor who’s already failed forward, learned from their mistakes, and can tell you how to get past them. I have had some tremendous mentors in my life, too many to name, but I’m thankful for each of them. So, find someone you look up to, either in your industry or someone who is successful in business in general, and find out what they did to get there.

Your mentorship doesn’t have to be just success- or money-motivated. Maybe your marriage isn’t the way you want it to be, and you see someone that has what you want. Find out what they’re doing. Find out how their relationship got to where it is. Finding a mentor in life, I believe, is really important.

All right. The last thing that I’m going to say is, “Work. Work hard. Work a lot.” I’m not saying be out of balance and don’t spend time with your family, I think family is the most important thing. When you’re trying to learn something, and you’re trying to be successful in a career, it’s very important that you put in the time to become the expert. To become the best possible. That may mean getting up earlier. That may mean getting up at 5:00 AM instead of 7:00 or 8:00 AM, so you can have those extra hours in your day. I don’t know. If you’ve got a family, that might be what you need to do to make sure you can still be with them. But work hard. Don’t be afraid of it. Every time you do a job that’s new, where you acquire a new skill, you’re going to get better. That’s extremely important.

Those are the four things I wanted to talk candidly to you about today. Hopefully this helped in some way or another. If it did, please leave a comment. Let me know. If you’re a big reader, I would love to know what kind of books you’re reading. If you have mentors, let me know who’s mentored you and changed your life. I’m excited to hear about that.

So, thanks for tuning in to this different version of Aftershock Weekly. We look forward to seeing you next Monday, and with that, we’ll leave you with a quote.

Books mentioned in this episode:

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey – buy now on Amazon:
The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz – buy now on Amazon:
The Choice by Og Mandino – buy now on Amazon: