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The addition of video within your marketing efforts can dramatically increase a company’s brand visibility. From commercial spots to video blogs, high-quality video supplements demonstrate a personal connection with an audience and exhibit a sense of thoughtfulness and reassurance that your brand is equally superior. Through customized filmed footage to basic motion graphics, clients can be assured their products and services are sharp and impactful upon each viewing.
Correspondingly, video is as influential in the world of social media just as it is in television commercial spots. Your message is not only reaching the masses through Facebook and Twitter, but its proliferation is emanated by consumers through mobile devices who seek your specific product or service. Video supplementation that is accessible via phones and tablets compounds marketing efforts by increasing the potential frequency of how many times your video is viewed—in turn exposing your brand to an audience that is beyond your locality. Subsequently, a global consumer base can potentially mean residual ROI for your efforts! This form of communication differentiates you from your competitors and proves that your company is “with the times” when it comes to a young and willing consumer base that is ready to learn and buy.

Aftershock Enterprises will work closely with you and Shan Man Media and Production services to ensure that your brand’s message is concisely conveyed. From conceptualization, filming, to the final key frame and video render, your visual message will reveal your personal communicative touch that will build trust with consumers.

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