Protecting YOUR Business Reputation with a Pit Bull Mentality

In business today, no matter your industry, your REPUTATION is crucial to your companies success.  Before the rise of social media, reputation management was much simpler. You were able to do your business with integrity and good quality, and handled complaints or issues as they arose .  If proper protocols for complaints were in place, you could usually resolve the issue with a customer and stop any potential bad press.  For a customer, there were only a few ways to make their ‘bad experience’  heard — report it to the BBB, call the business, or in extreme cases call media — and for the most part, their complaints were unheard by the general public.

Today, the picture is a bit different.  Any Average Joe/Joanna that gets a cold meal, slow service, or bad customer service, can now just pull out their phone and share their negative experience on Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.  Some phone apps let you do it all at once (like “woof”: the fake product on The Office!  Now ONE persons’ perceived problem, has been broadcasted to potentially 1000’s of people.  What do you do?  Here are 2 Easy Steps to Protect YOUR Business Reputation with a Pit Bull Mentality:

1. Be Proactive- It is proven that people are far more likely to share a negative experience rather than a positive one.  People expect to be treated well and to have a great product or service, but bad experiences create emotions that make anyone want to take action and “give someone a piece of their mind.”
The way to be proactive is by asking for the experiences from your customer and making sure it is really easy and quick for them.  There are a variety of products out there that you can use to help, but many are very expensive and require lots of setup time. My personal favorite is, because they do it all for you and the pricing is affordable. The setup is done with popular review sites, your social profiles and they are able to, in turn, aggregate all of your accounts together to make it easy for potential customers to review.  Aftershock Enterprises signed up for a” pro account”, and what was really neat was seeing it take up the number 1 position on Google for keyphrase “aftershock enterprises reviews”  in less than 3 days!  Since Popclickle is mobile optimized, you can use a QR code that can be put on marketing materials that link right to your profile for customers to review from their phone quickly.  By giving your customers an easy place to go and write a review on their preferred platform, it drives in many positives reviews which buries some not so favorable.  In case studies with PopClickle, they have seen campaigns that see as high as a 94% of customers leaving a review that visited the profile.

However you do it though, proactively seeking reviews from your satisfied customers is a very effective way of giving your business a favorable viewing in the search engines and on social profiles.  Do you know what your reviews look like now? Want to check?  The easiest way to see your business’ reputation online is go to Google and type in “[Your Business Name] reviews.” Take a look at the first page of results and you will probably see: Yelp, your website, maybe even your Google Local page. On these sites, you will find your current reviews.

2. ENGAGE, ENGAGE, ENGAGE-  The second tip to protecting your business reputation is to actively engage with the public on your business social profiles.  Facebook Fanpages, Google+ business pages and Twitter accounts are all great to have, but remember, to be a credible source for you to add to your company’s reputation, you must have activity, and plenty of it.   Although gaining a loyal following on your social profile takes time and exposure, the one thing that is well in your control is posting habits.  Frequently posting, tweeting on and off topic subjects, pictures, videos and so on, gives customers and future customers something to look at when they stumble upon your profile.  If they see consistent posts with fan and follower engagement, then they will hopefully become part of your social network so that you can now be in the forefront of their mind and part of their social experience.  This allows you to have better control on how your brand is perceived.


We would love to hear your thoughts and strategies on Reputation Management, so leave a comment 🙂


2 thoughts on “Protecting YOUR Business Reputation with a Pit Bull Mentality

  • Great article, Josh! I also love the latter part of the article where you talk about posting things that are “off topic” from your brand. I am big believer that when you post things that don’t necessarily relate to your brand, you add a personal touch to your brand. In other words, your clients and potential customers see that you’re a human too and somewhere along the lines there could be the chance that one of your interests relate to that potential customer.

    They used to do this in the 1970’s and 80’s in the form of BBQs and convention trips to another city to meet with clients/potentials. I believe that people have to understand that your personal life is equally as important as your digital life.

    Great article!

    • Thank you Shannon, I couldn’t agree more about having an on and off topic balance. One thing that I always suspected is that your business is far more interesting to you than to most of your customers, and the engagement in comparison to off topic (general audience) comments is much lower. Social Media is supposed to be social, and when businesses have fun with it and mix things like food, sports, music (nothing too confrontational for most businesses), it makes people pay more attention when they do post brand related stuff.
      You have quite a following in the Social Media world and exemplify the way to be social and have a good mixture of business. Businesses can look to you as a good example!

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