Aftershock Weekly Episode 7 | Get Down with PPC

Get Down with PPC Yeah, you know me Hello, and welcome to Episode 7 of Aftershock Weekly. Today we’re going to talk about something pretty exciting, which is Pay-Per-Click Marketing, in today’s episode called, “Get Down with PPC (Yeah, you know me!)”. All right, so, pay-per-click marketing—one thing, let’s just break down what that is.[…]

Aftershock Weekly Episode 6 | SEO to Grow

SEO to Grow Hello! Welcome to Episode 6 of Aftershock Weekly. This week’s episode is called SEO to Grow. This week I want to address something we’re asked about all the time at Aftershock Digital—something that’s also one of the services we offer: Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is how we take your website,[…]

Aftershock Weekly Episode 5 | Keep the Change

Keep the Change Hello! And welcome back to Aftershock Weekly, Episode 5. This week’s episode is called Keep the Change. This week we’re going to talk about setting an advertising budget, making changes to your advertising, and having consistent presence with your audience. First, we’re going to talk about being consistent with your budget. The[…]

Aftershock Weekly Episode 4 | Website Rapid Fire, vol. 1

Website Rapid Fire, vol. 1 Hello, and welcome to Episode 4 of Aftershock Weekly: Volume 1 of Website Rapid Fire. Today, we’re going to answer some questions about whether or not you should build your website yourself. The question becomes a little more complicated: what do you want out of your website, and are you[…]

Aftershock Weekly Episode 3 | Plugin to Supercharge

Plugin to Supercharge Welcome to Aftershock Weekly, Episode Three: Plugin to Supercharge. Today, we’re excited to talk about plugins for WordPress: four free ones that will help you have better performance on your website.  The plugins we’re going to talk about today cover four main areas: speed of your website, SEO for your website, moving[…]

Aftershock Weekly Episode 2 | Google Analytic Dive

Google Analytic Dive Welcome to Episode 2 of Aftershock Weekly: “Google Analytic Dive”. We get a lot of questions about Google Analytics. It’s the most-used analytic software for websites, with somewhere between 30 and 50 million website users. Many times somebody will sign up for Google Analytics, and they’ll get into the dashboard and look[…]

Aftershock Weekly Episode 1 | Bad Ad Minute

Bad Ad Minute Hi, and welcome to Aftershock Weekly, Episode 1. We are excited to kick this off for you today with our first episode, called “Bad Ad Minute.” Today we’re going to be discussing a Bizarro World company called Big Picture Tools, coming to us with the unique objective of selling their brand-new hammer.[…]